Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fight I'd Like To See -- Valuev vs Wladimir Klitschko

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There is supposed to be a rematch between former WBA champion Valuev and current WBA champion Ruslan Chagaev because of Valuev mandatory status after defeating Sergei Liakhovich.

I believe if Wladimir were go fight Chagaev that it would be a similar match-up to the fight I saw last night, although I would hope it would have Klitschko releasing his arsenal more. But, if he fought Valuev, at the very least it would be interesting because of the physical attributes. Wladimir is used to being either the taller, bigger, or taller and bigger guy when he fights someone. With Valuev that wouldn't be the case. Valuev is over 300 pounds and over 7' tall. Klitschko's fighting style also takes advantage of his height which he wouldn't have.

This is a fight I'd like to see happen. With Klitschko holding 2 major title belts and 1 minor he should have more negotiating stock to make this happen. Plus after viewing the fight last night, even though I still think Klitschko can pound, someone like Valuev might further believe he could defeat Wladimir.

I think Wladimir would defeat Valuev but it would bring out more of his arsenal than were used to seeing. Thats what fight fans like myself want to see. We want to see a fighter use is full potential not just what will win the fight. With Valuev I believe it would be forced out of him due to the size difference.


  1. This would be a good fight--- don't know if hed fight him unless he has a title though--- but ya at least physically it would be different for wlad

  2. I find it frustrating that this fight hasn't taken place already. This is a fight that needs to be made. One of the only fights that I think can salvage the division right now, in my opinion. Even if Wlad lost, he would be so much more respected in the long run for having made that fight with such an extraordinarily bigger man with a big man's punch. I've seen Manny Steward remarking that it frustrates him that there really isn't anyone out there to pit Wlad against and I slapped my forehead and thought ''There IS, Manny! You know there is!''.

  3. If Valuev was ranked in either the IBF or WBO, and/or if Valuev held a belt this fight would be more likely to take place in the future. It's too bad the Chagaev/Valuev fight didn't go through, because I feel that Valuev would have won that fight which might have set up a possible match with Wladimir later. Wladimir has stated that Valuev doesn't interest him without the belt-- but of course if somehow he was to get ranked high enough in the IBF/WBO then he might be a mandatory....

  4. When guys pass up the obvious credible opponents because they're not mandatory, it doesn't do them any favors in the view of the public. I'd much rather see him fight Valuev than Tony Thompson. Not that Thompson's not a good and sensible mandatory but Valuev & Chagaev are probably the only guys that Klitschko could really get credit for defeating right now. I don't see anybody praising Wlad for beating Thompson but I see everyone lampooning him if he loses. As a Wlad fan, you know as well as I do how many people want to run him down no matter what he accomplishes. With Chagaev injured and Valuev slated to fight Ruiz for his title while he has this title in recess or whatever it is, we could see that Wlad/Valuev fight before too long if Wlad can be tempted with the WBA title. I've got my fingers crossed.

  5. I think Valuev is a more interesting fight than Thompson. But you have to remember that Valuev is a King fighter, and the negotiations are going to be tough-- If Wladimir didn't face Thompson, well then he'd be stripped of the WBO belt with no guarantee of a Valuev fight anytime soon. At least by fighting Thompson he silences the WBO for awhile, keeps a belt(I'm assuming Wlad will will against Thompson), gives himself more leverage with another win in his name and keeping a belt that King might want to get his paws on. I think Valuev will beat Ruiz- he had already trained to fight Chagaev so he's in fighting shape whereas Ruiz is not, plus he's fought him before and won. They are supposed to fight sometime in September or before.

  6. Oh, please don't get me wrong. I'm not at all saying that Wlad shouldn't fight his mandatory fighters. I just mean that, well, there used to be an attitude of ''cleaning out the division'' when a guy wanted to be the recognized world champ with no question. They'd fight mandatory guys plus whoever was established that people thought had a good chance against them. That's all I meant. For Wlad, there aren't that many guys who you'd think had a chance these days but Valuev is one of them, I'd think. I hear you about King. King has...very few redeeming features, lol.. The hair is definitely a plus though as far as I'm concerned. :)

  7. I hear ya-- I'd love to see Wlad clean up the division. There's a lot of politics involved in getting such matches. A lot of promoters find it lucrative to hold on to their single belt champs and have individual fights with them to make money and are not too excited about potentially losing their belts and future earnings to the likes of someone like Wladimir. Sultan Ibragimov did not have a certain promoter who is fairly common in the boxing industry(hint hint) and coincidentally there was a unification. Something to think about there....


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